Friday, 24 January 2014


Burns Night is imminent, so let’s talk turnips.
Nubbly and deeply savoury haggis finds a light, silky foil in clapshot.  Simply a double-mash of neeps n tatties, clapshot is surprisingly good. It hails from Orkney, and is a bit of a non-recipe – ingredients prepared in such an instinctive way it feels silly to provide cooking instructions.  The only genuinely useful pointer I can give you is to cut the neep – aka swede – into chunks half the size of the potatoes so that everything cooks for the same length of time in the same big pot.

I threw in a handful of parsley and dill – delicious – but traditionally the dish is served with chives.  Tiny flecks of greenery are always welcome in the dark depths of winter.

Orkney Clapshot

500g potatoes

500g swede

Butter – 30g or so

Milk – a glug

White pepper – generously

Salt – a pinch

Peel, cut into chunks, bring to the boil, cook for 20 to 25 minutes until soft, mash with salt, pepper, butter and milk.

Serve with the great chieftan o’ the pudding-race.


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